Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mrs. Henry and the Baby Bottle.

This is not a children's story. However, I just finished watching the movie starring Renee Zelweiger and Ewan McGregor about Beatrix Potter, so I gather I'm in the "storybook" frame of mind to come up with this title. I've made my move and decided I just had to get these two projects done. I'm very close on both pieces, so the felting is just around the corner. Mrs. Henry is getting her underside done. She's thrilled, believe me! Wouldn't you like to be tossed about in a bag, in public places mind you, with out your underside. Quite embarrassing, I'm sure. 
And the Baby Bottle . . .  well, a baby bottle isn't a baby bottle  and not much use, mind you,  until the nipple is finished. Just so you know the baby bottle is for my friend Traca! 
NO, she's NOT! 
I also am getting back to Jim's sweater, hopefully, I'll get that done by the end of March. Just in time for the cold weather.

I'm sure my hubby won't read this for a couple of days, so I can say this: While I was watching Miss Potter, I made the"man-of-the-house" an actual birthday cake. I'm a lousy cake maker. Everyone can attest to that. There have been many misshapen cakes at our house. They all taste very good though. But I think I hit the mark on this one. He told us at dinner the other night, that if given the chance, he would overeat on chocolate. Even if he was full, he would keep eating the chocolate. So I made a chocolate cake with really gooey frosting. Sweeetie, if you read this,  act surprised. I hope you'll know that of all your birthday presents, this one took the most effort and love.