Monday, July 7, 2008

A Busy Month

Whew! What a month! So much happening - School's been out for the month now, the kids have gone and come back from their respective camps, 3 knitting classes, plus alot of work.,Alice started her new job teaching swim lessons, weddings planned and gone to, Old friends visited. And my Maddie turns 21 TODAY!

My college friend, Carol, came through Montana. Memories came flooding back - too many - I was told. I can't help it I have a good memory for certain things! I haven't seen Carol for over 25 years, the last time I helped her move to Washington D.C. to live. She looked great - the same really - her daughters are gorgeous with intense eyes like their mom's. Thank you to Carol for making the first step to reconnecting our lives.

Some Knitting has been taking place - I taught 3 classes in June (and will again in August) Two hat classes and the pillow class. The beanie class was the most popular. The Urchin hat class was more challenging than anticipated, so I'm glad the August class will be split into two classes instead of one. Here is a pic of the Camo Beanie.

I also finished a couple of fun projects - One is a gift and one is for me. I started this sweater in March with some totally fab yarn from a shop in Seattle. Incredible colors that reminded me of the sunset colors from R.C. Gorman prints ( I worked for him in the 80's when Jim and I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico.) This is the project for me! And by the way, I haven't made something for me to actually wear since I first started knitting 25 years ago!)