Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Sweater for the Jaz man

I've finished a sweater for Jasper - the kids almost alway say they don't want anything hand-knit, but if you keep your pattern books around long enough, they'll check them out and let you know if they like anything they see. It's better to let them call the shots on patterns and colors. The chances they'll actually wear it is a hundred times higher. Jasper chose the "Hacky Sack Hoodie" It's built like a sweatshirt, and is knit from the top-down. It is easy, easy, easy - that is, unless it didn't fit at the end. (It did) He picked out the yarn and the colors, so he won't have any recourse, but to wear it when it's done. He chose Lamb's Pride Worsted in Roasted Coffee and and a Noro Kureyon yarn # 207. It's taken from the book "Son of a Stitch and Bitch" which seems to be a good book for him. I've also made the "Half-Pipe Hat" for him. In fact, that will be a class in February at Wild Purls. I'll tackle that in a later post.
I added a couple of things that weren't in the pattern; namely a thumb hole, which seems to be a necessity, and ribbing at the pocket and hood/neckline.
For a kid who said "I probably won't be wearing this much, I haven't been able to get it off him to go get it cleaned!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Yeah, my husband's heard this before. I know I've said that a million - no - bazillion - times before. But I mean it this time! Yes, I've been working on it for over a year now. Yes, I've put it down and picked it up at least 5 times through out the year.
It's the sleeves. I've reworked the sleeves - oh, I don't know - maybe 3 or 4 times.
I've finally landed on the real problem. Any real knitter would have figured this in on day one, but I never said I was a real knitter. The problem is not the stitch gauge, it's the row gauge. My #5 needle is perfect for stitches per inch, but too tiny for the rows per inch. With this needle, my sleeves are too wide and too short. Common problem, I'm sure, but not for an idiot like this one. I . . . think . . . I've got the problem worked out (on paper and in my head) so pray for the Mister that he'll get his 2007 Christmas present in 2008.

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Knewest Knit

Well, as usual I can't knit just one project, but many, many projects! There have been hats, pillows, mini-bags, a felted bag, socks, and some things only because I loved the yarn. And I know I"m committed to more: mittens, another baby bottle. I'm vowing right now to finish a sweater soon - no firm deadline though - for my husband. But I suppose the project that has taken the most time and thought process is this bag, called the "Lucy Bag". Essentially, it's quite simple and plain really, so I felt inclined to add to it. I thought leaves vining up the handle might look good. I've been quite busy putting together
a new window display for Wild Purls, and had come up with the idea of growing an apple orchard in the window. The apples required their own embellishments so knitted leaves were created. which led me to believe I could also use these leaves for the Lucy Bag. The bag itself is knit from Lamb's Pride Worsted. This yarn is quickly becoming my favorite for felting. It has a touch of mohair, which lends it some fuzzy appeal. The leaves are knitted from some stash yarn, a Rowan Felted Tweed, in green and purple and done on a size 1 needle.. The leaves are a variety of sizes for a somewhat realistic look and were appliqued on both handles.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Lot's of new little projects!

Wow - I haven't touched my blog for over a month  - Lots of things happening - My mom went into the hospital with double pneumonia - she was there for over a week and we weren't really sure what was going on, but she's finally home! She must be doing better cuz she just had to go get her nails done! 
Maddie came home twice! We knew she was coming the first time, but she totally surprised us the second time. Her motive was Alice's 18th birthday - Maddie flew in around midnight, just when Alice and her friends were gathered around the firepit. Jim said he's never seen me look so dumbfounded when Maddie walked into the house. And when Alice realized her sister was home, she lost it and turned into a blubbering idiot! Maddie stayed 5 days - her job and school and  real life in Seattle was calling. We had so much fun.
Knit-wise: I've been knitting up storm - when don't I? 
I needed to get started on class projects - I taught 3 classes this summer - The beanie class was especially good, I guess because it's a beginner class and it teaches a few basic techniques which will be used in many other projects - knitting in the round, decreasing, changing or adding another color, and moving to double points. 
I also taught a beret class, which went much better when we split it into 2 classes, instead of 1  four hour class. We needed to master two important techniques: provisional (or invisible) cast-on, and short rows before moving on to the 3 needle bind-off. The break between the two classes let the students get comfortable with recognizing the wrap and turns of the short rows. This beret is a good learning as well as a creative project, since the size and feel of the hat can vary widely depending on the needle and yarn choice. 
My final class of the summer was the Rusched Pillow class. This was incredibly easy - the pattern is "Penelope's Pillow" from the book "Knitters Stash". The August class went especially good, since the gals taking it were visual people and could see the expansive possiblities. One gal is making the pillow, one is making it into a shawl, and the other an afghan. Mine morphed from a pillow to a scarf back to a pillow, but much different than the first. The front will remain pretty much the same, but different colors and the flipside will take on a totally different vision. I'll be using the same colors but it will be a fair isle pattern. If I get it done, it will be fabulous!
I also knit 3 little bags, two of them are an evening-size bag and one is more wallet sized. The pattern is the "Pleated Denim Bag" out of the Fall 08 Knitscene and a book called "Boutique Knits".  I used totally different yarns in all of them.
The wallet-sized one is out of Pagewood Sock Yarns, one is Ella Rae Shibu, and the other is a mix of Rowan Felted Tweed, Mountain Colors Barefoot and a metallic mohair. I went to the bead store and took a class and constructed a necklace that could be use as a handle for this last one.

Currently I'm working on the "Lucy Bag" for a class this fall, and I'll be teaching the Target Wave Mitten, by Norah Gaugan. I still have to work on Jim's sweater - Eeerrrggg! I feel like I'll never finish that!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I call this a Sandwich Day

Yesterday, I kind of had a melt down. Not sure why. I'm thinking it was one of those days when lots of little things piled up to form one crap-filled sandwich. Of course, it started out early, and my own fault, too. As usual, I think I keep track of my appointments, but I don't really. Thought the first one was at 9:30 so I could ride my bike, but, no, it was at 9 (I realized at 8:45) No time for the bike and . . I still had to do my hair. Late for the first one by 5 min. My next appointment was for a cut and color at 11:00 (or so I thought), got a reminder call during the first meeting at 10:10. Apparently missed my 10 o'clock. Got there in time to get cut, so I'm flashing lots of grey today. The next few errands I can't discuss openly yet because they have to do with my husband's 25th anniversary gift, but suffice it to say - bad customer service - not pleasant when you are planning to drop $$$$. Errands with my children followed in a hot car on a hot day, and you know you only scream at the ones you love. . . and of course, after wasting a couple of gallons of gas, the stuff I needed to buy is no longer available to buy . . . Finally got to ride my bike to work. I'm loving my bike rides - especially needed on this "sandwich" day. I was forced to breathe and think only about the heat and the breeze and my legs pedaling up hills. 
While I was working, my daughter called to say SHE was making homemade mac & cheese plus peanut butter cookies. Oooooh, goody!  Cuz I was hearing some loud  and noisy hunger pangs on the way home. I rolled into the garage, sweating and  practically ran to the kitchen, but NO sign of any food. . . . Apparently, in Alice's opinion, both turned out horrible, so. . . . she . . . threw . . them . . . away. . . . . What did she say?
 I made a fried egg sandwich.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Busy Month

Whew! What a month! So much happening - School's been out for the month now, the kids have gone and come back from their respective camps, 3 knitting classes, plus alot of work.,Alice started her new job teaching swim lessons, weddings planned and gone to, Old friends visited. And my Maddie turns 21 TODAY!

My college friend, Carol, came through Montana. Memories came flooding back - too many - I was told. I can't help it I have a good memory for certain things! I haven't seen Carol for over 25 years, the last time I helped her move to Washington D.C. to live. She looked great - the same really - her daughters are gorgeous with intense eyes like their mom's. Thank you to Carol for making the first step to reconnecting our lives.

Some Knitting has been taking place - I taught 3 classes in June (and will again in August) Two hat classes and the pillow class. The beanie class was the most popular. The Urchin hat class was more challenging than anticipated, so I'm glad the August class will be split into two classes instead of one. Here is a pic of the Camo Beanie.

I also finished a couple of fun projects - One is a gift and one is for me. I started this sweater in March with some totally fab yarn from a shop in Seattle. Incredible colors that reminded me of the sunset colors from R.C. Gorman prints ( I worked for him in the 80's when Jim and I lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico.) This is the project for me! And by the way, I haven't made something for me to actually wear since I first started knitting 25 years ago!)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Real Shawl, Not a Prissy One

I"m knitting a shawl. A real shawl. Not the foo-foo kind that really has no practical use at all. I mean, really, what is the use of a lace shawl, except to wrap it around my shoulders sitting in a rocking chair while I"m wearing a white high-neck blouse with puffy sleeves and a skirt that covers my feet. And then I guess I'd be knitting ANOTHER shawl. Hmmm. That is a vicious circle I'm just not willing to enter. This will NOT be a prissy shawl, the one that people will comment, "What a beautiful lace shawl", and and really be thinking " What an idiotic excuse for a shawl, She'll freeze in that. . . stupid girl."
So I'm making a different shawl, knit out of a Rowan yarn, a really nice merino tweedy wool. Chocolate and a deep lavender. This will be a shawl that will keep me cozy and keep out the cold. This a shawl that will be useful and beautiful. This will be a shawl that will inspire others to, well, wear one, I guess.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life Takes Over

Wow, It's been awhile since I've taken "pen to paper" (so to speak) So much family stuff has been happening! Mother's Day weekend had us helping Jim's folks move into town from their cabin on the Stillwater. It was a beautiful landscape with boundless memories for Jim's parents, Jim himself and of course, our children. It was a sad time to leave, but at the same time, a time of hope since they will be closer. Honestly, I think, the grandkids will miss it the most. When they would come, it was just playtime. No work for them getting ready for camping and campfires. They loved sitting around the campfire, with Uncle Joe and Jim playing their guitars, singing the old songs. Grandpa Les inevitably blowing on the harmonica or accordian (yes, accordian)
To commemorate the move, Uncle Joe presented a beautiful picture-perfect painting of the view of the land and the river.

Since then, we've been doing plenty of helping out at their new place, lots of putting the kitchen away, adding shelving, deciding what stays up and what can go down! Whew, we're still not done! (Honestly, It's mostly Jim doing the doing)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

You scrubby little urchins!

This has got to be the QUICKEST knit EVER! This beret is made up of 7 panels of short rows - it took me 15 minutes to knit up one of the panels, so that means a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes to knit this. there are so many bulky yarns to use for this, every one will look totally different! The pattern is from Knitty, called urchin (due to it's odd sea-urchin shape), This is going to be a class at Wild Purls this summer.

Knitted out Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy, I still had plenty of yarn left.

This was knit out of Noro Iro. My thought is it's the most flattering;
 so soft and fuzzy, a lot better drape 
 (especially on my model, Karen!)

Knit from Plymouth Lana D Oro, this was certainly the easiest. It was the first , because I wanted to be able to get the feel for the pattern and didn't want any "yarn" distractions. It was a good plan, laying the groundwork and confidence to race in the others, knowing they would be both quick and beautiful.

Friday, April 18, 2008

But will the Bride like it?

The scallops are perfect. The sewing is finished. The pictures are taken. But will the Bride like it?
Hopefully, she’ll appreciate the work involved. The scallops took alot of practicing and in the process I found out from TanisKnits that there were some errors in the scallop portion of the pattern.
The bag itself was very easy, the scallops were a new technique for me - challenging, but fun! I had to order the hardware from the source listed in Vogue Knitting, and added the lining, which I think is very important to add structure to the project.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Works in Progress

I'm definitely moving ahead on these projects! Half the pillow is done, and it is gorgeous. This is a very simple pattern. The first 6 rows are garter stitch on needle size 6, the rusched portions are achieved by increasing one stitch in every stitch (doubling your stitch count), and then knitting with a different colorway on needles 2 sizes bigger for 6 rows again, and alternating these rows. I'm also working on my class project, the Satchel. This is for Stephen's Graduation, and I've finished the bag portion, just working now on the strap. I'll be also adding pockets and I'm still figuring out a computer sleeve. Stephen asked for that, I'll try to customize this a little further. The stripes are based on stripes of 4's: 4 - 8 -8 - 4 -4 -4 - 8 - 8 - 4. It makes the knitting go faster, plus you are automatically keeping track on row counts.

Okay, I also wanted to throw in this picture of the first day of class. It may be indicative of how the class will go. Laurie's yarn pooped a big mess. We have a great group of knitters, some new, some been doing it awhile. Everyone is almost done, and I'm sure we will be hitting the laundrymat next week. If anyone reads this, bring some quarters!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

New WIP'S!

Look at all the projects I've started! The new messenger bag is me getting 2 things done with one stone! I'm teaching the class on messenger bags and the finished product will be for Stephen's graduation. Then there is Nikki Epstein's ruffled bag from the newest Vogue Knitting mag. It's going to be for my nephew's bride-to-be. Check out the yarn - It's beaded silk! It's gorgeous. Ummm, then there is "Penelope's Pillow" from the book, Knitter's Stash. It's knit out of 2 colors of Noro Silk Garden on 2 needle sizes. And I'm about half way done with my first pair of socks and still working away on Jim's sweater. At this moment, I'm probably the most excited about the ruffled bag and Penny's Pillow. Penny's Pillow is really going to be a Wild Purls sample.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ocean Sunset Fisherman Rib Scarf

I just finished this for Wild Purls as a store sample. This was only inspired by Brooklyn Tweed's Noro scarf. I used the fisherman rib instead of the basic K1,P1 rib, and because of that, I changed colors every 4 rows instead of 2. I also used 3 colors because I wasn’t getting the color variation you get from Noro. This is 20 stitches wide, close to 60 in long (I stopped about an inch short) Generally, if this was for me, it would be another foot long. I like a good wrap - but it was for the store - and I already was using 4 balls of yarn. If it was longer more yarn would have been required

Rib Pattern: *K1, K1B* repeat to last 2 stitches, K2

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Seattle Adventure

On Wednesday, March 19th, I took off for Seattle to visit my daughter Maddie. She's going to school there and having a blast! I thought I would post my trip diary to help me remember what I did. I'm expecting to forget cuz I'm gettin' old, you know!
Wed, March 19: Caught an early plane ride and arrived around 8:00 am - just in time for breakfast at CJ's and then stocked up Maddie's apartment with food and goodies. We hit the grocery store first, then Costco, and finally Target. Maddie was pretty thankful and said so many times! Pretty sure we followed that up with Starbucks. We also hit up the little store on 1st that's going out of business to claim Maddie's points. My mind is blank (what did I tell you!) what we did for dinner - but we rushed home to get ready for our KD Lang concert - which was right, and I mean, right across the street at the Moore Theatre.
Oh my gosh, KD Lang sounds exactly how she sounds on her recordings! You know how studio recordings enhance the voice, well, KD needs no enhancing. Her voice is perfect, pure. Her song selections were on target, a great mix between her new album, old albums and her country twang. Maddie was enthralled by the sound of her voice.
Thursday, March 20: Our day to ourselves! First, we hit Starbucks (of course!) then over to the Art Institute for Portfolio Review. We looked at all the departments - Graphic design, animation, interior design, industrial design, even culinary. Most were quite impressive. We then headed over to Pike Street market for lunch - We ate at Beecher's, home of the "World's Best Mac & Cheese". It was as they said! Soooo yummy - the perfect comfort food! I think it was this afternoon we also went to the Seattle Art Museum and took in some modern art and a large show on Roman art from the Louvre, then rushed over to "Ride the Duck". This is an amphibious vehicle that gives tours to "tourists" around the Seattle downtown area and up to Fremont and into the harbor. It was a funny tour with a funny guide who, as it turns out, is from my home town, SIDNEY MT! It was freaky! Can't wait to tell my dad. After the tour, Maddie and I got back to her apartment so we could go have a great dinner at Serious Pie, a pizza place close to Maddie's place. It was great fun, cuz we met up with my good friend Jan's daughter, Katie and she had dinner with us. Lot's of great gourmet pizza. We ended up at home, doing lots of Political Science and Philosophy homework cuz finals for Maddie were on Friday. I'll bet we stayed up till about 1:30 am.
Friday, March 21 Unfortunately, Maddie had finals all day, so I was on my own. I didn't mind thought since I had a few stores to visit. My main shopping mission was jeans. Since Aileens had closed and that's where I bought my David Kahn Jeans, so I needed to replace mine. Katie recommended a store called Karen Danneberg. I had so much fun shopping there. It ended up that my sales girl, Sasha, turned out to know Katie! Small world. I ended up with a black pair of Christopher Blue jeans - can't wait to wear them. After that, I walked over to So Much Yarn. I found some beautiful yarns by Laines du Nord and Pagewood (sock yarn) I loved these together, but not sure what plans I will find for them. Maddie got out early and we drove to Alkai beach and enjoyed the water, then rushed home to join her friends at Umi Sushi Bar. I tried it folks. More on that later. Cheesecake at Cheescake factory. Atonement

Saturday, March 22: We met Lisa and Emily at Starbucks for coffee at 10:00 am and started our shopping spree. We hit Nordstrums and Anthropology. We all got some great finds - shoes and clothes. What fun, then lunch at a local brewery and Lisa and I tried a beer sampling Dookless was the best. Spa in REdmond, home for a late dinner - clam chowder - easter morning, baskets, church, dinner,Sound of Music, home, flyhome.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I hate laundry!

Do you ever have those days when it's finally bedtime and wonder what you did all day? Yeah, today was one of those days. So what's to talk about? Well, I did do some laundry. I hate laundry as a whole. Absolutely hate it. When I was first married, I used do the laundry , but never put it away. What  a mess -  digging to the bottom of the "Leaning tower of Pisa".  I've sort of conquered that hill. Now, I at least fold it out of the dryer, and really try to put away. But you know as well as I do, sometimes you gotta run out before the job is finished. I hate laundry. Towels I don't mind . . . as much . . . Why? Cuz towels fold up quick and always go to just one room - the bathroom. You don't have to separate them into each person's pile and deliver to separate rooms. I absolutely get overwhelmed at the possibility of having to do whites. You all know why. I will choose not to do whites until people are begging for their tidy whities. White are the dinky stuff: socks, underwear, washcloths, a few shirts. AAAcccchhhh! One kids white stinky things will not fill up a wash tub, so you are forced by the voice of your mother or grandmother, "Don't waste water, dear!", to mix everyone's undies and other unmentionables to make up a reasonable -sized load. The upside? Whites don't take long to dry. Then the downside hill slide:  you have to put it ALL away. That means a pile for every person in the house (in my case - four), plus a pile for the kitchen and the bathroom, praying you don't get distracted by the doorbell between rooms with an armfull of underwear when you answer the door.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Two Little Hats

Two little baby hats all in a row!
I finished a couple of hats - they are soooooo cute! Tis the season for babies i guess - I'm just glad it's not me! Babies are sure fun to knit for: quick, easy and a good way to learn new techniques with out wasting a lot of time. The Candy cane hat is seen below and the PomPom hat is a superwash Dale of Norway/Baby Ull.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Stephanie's SweetTarts Candy Baby Hat

The newest little addition to my Baby gift collection. Maddie's friend, Stephanie, is having a bambino soon, so I whipped this out yesterday. I love the yarns together - Katia Arc En Ciel and Kool Kotton. The Katia is a 200 yard skein - I'll be able to get a couple more hats out of this!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 projects finished! Almost at once!

      It's amazing! I've finished 3 projects almost simultaneously (plus I just took some bread out of the oven) I don't have all the pics yet but that will happen soon. I finished the baby bottle for traca - I think it looks better than the first one, and I finished "Henrietta" the chicken. Kudos to Julia for actually felting them for me - her washing machine is a top-loader; I have a front-loader and it doesn't work as well. Henrietta is at work, so photos will be arriving shortly. She's cute . . . . sort of. We'll see if she generates any buzz.
 I whipped out a quick scarf, based on the Brooklyntweed, using a N.Y. Yarn, Gypsy. Lot's of fringe. I think I'll send it to Maddie, thinking it would go with the A & F Cargo coat I sent her recently (It was a steal - $228 coat for only $40!!!!!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Target Wave Mitten

I've been working on a new mitten - It's called the Target Wave Mitten, by Norah Gaughn. I found it in the Interweave knits, Fall 06, but it's been published in a book "Knitting Nature" . It appealed to me since it was a small project - I can get done it quickly  -  If by chance there are some techie problems, it wouldn't be much to rip out and fix.  And yes . . .there were some fit issues. I followed the original pattern, calling for a #6 needle for the body and #8 for the the thumb target. It is a kid's mitten, and I made it in the youth large size, but still had problems with the "thumb target" area. It looked too "balloony". So I went back down to the #6 for the thumb area. That helped, but it still poofed too much. I thought about it a bit, and adjusted the decreasing so it got smaller faster, and ended up making the thumb a  bit shorter. It actually matches the original photo from the IK mag, which fits maybe, I don't know, a 6 0r 7 year old.

A side note: If you've knit from this Book, Knitting Nature, here is a link for a knit-along blog.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mrs. Henry and the Baby Bottle.

This is not a children's story. However, I just finished watching the movie starring Renee Zelweiger and Ewan McGregor about Beatrix Potter, so I gather I'm in the "storybook" frame of mind to come up with this title. I've made my move and decided I just had to get these two projects done. I'm very close on both pieces, so the felting is just around the corner. Mrs. Henry is getting her underside done. She's thrilled, believe me! Wouldn't you like to be tossed about in a bag, in public places mind you, with out your underside. Quite embarrassing, I'm sure. 
And the Baby Bottle . . .  well, a baby bottle isn't a baby bottle  and not much use, mind you,  until the nipple is finished. Just so you know the baby bottle is for my friend Traca! 
NO, she's NOT! 
I also am getting back to Jim's sweater, hopefully, I'll get that done by the end of March. Just in time for the cold weather.

I'm sure my hubby won't read this for a couple of days, so I can say this: While I was watching Miss Potter, I made the"man-of-the-house" an actual birthday cake. I'm a lousy cake maker. Everyone can attest to that. There have been many misshapen cakes at our house. They all taste very good though. But I think I hit the mark on this one. He told us at dinner the other night, that if given the chance, he would overeat on chocolate. Even if he was full, he would keep eating the chocolate. So I made a chocolate cake with really gooey frosting. Sweeetie, if you read this,  act surprised. I hope you'll know that of all your birthday presents, this one took the most effort and love.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Finished Danica

I've been wanting to knit a scarf for me - most of us seem to knit for others - but choosing the yarn . . . the pattern . . . . .  It's worse than shopping for jeans sometimes. I've been hoarding some black Mountain Colors Twizzle for about a year, and have been fantasizing about the Danica pattern on knitty for some time now. Twizzle is a blend of wool and silk and has a lovely soft texture and drape. When Maddie was home for the holidays, she helped me choose a complimentary Twizzle.  So it came together. I love the simple symmetry of the entrelac technique - it lends itself to so many color possiblities.I finished it Saturday nite so I could bring it with me to Bozeman while I chaperoned Alice's orchestra to an orchestra festival.

Alice really lucked out - she stayed with a host family there - a fabulous family, a great home. The mom, Barb Cribb, as it turns out, has a successful home-based craft business, Wild Thymes Pattern Co. She focuses on wool felt kits for home decorating. She dyes her own wool fabrics and creates custom wall hangings, table linens, purse and
more. It is really quite impressive. She has an online presence, and travels to retail and wholesale events.
Barb also took the time to show off downtown Bozeman and took me to the LYS there. Bozeman has 2; The Yarn Shop and Stix. Both great stores and it was interesting to see what we had and they didn't, and visa versa. Here is some pics of some yarn I plucked while I twirled in their shops. Some Crystal Palace, Noro Cotton Hill, some fun mohair, Borreco. Somehow I ended up with lots of purples and greens. Guess I'll have to be on the look out for the patten or inspirations.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I guess I've been busy! I'm a cheer mom and we cheer mom's know how to stay busy! For the last 3 or 4 weeks  - I've lost track - we've been decorating a whopping 500 bottles of Orange Crush! It's a Valentine's Day fundraiser for the Cheerleaders - you know - A "crush" for your "crush"!
I'm also leaving today for Bozeman for a AA Orchestra Festival for a couple of days - I'm the chaperone  - scarrrry!

Knitwise: I've finished my entrelac scarf and will post pics later. I'm bringing 3 projects with me to Bozo - I'm starting work on a sample for the store   -  a felted stuffed Mommy Chicken and some little chicks; the Target Wave Mittens (Interweave Summer 06), Baby Bottle Bolster Pillow (KnitScene). During my private lessons with Glenda the Good Witch, we are going to start on my fingerless mitts. So Everyone have a Happy superbowl sunday.

Monday, January 28, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

Oh my gosh, it is so cold right now! -10 degrees! Eek! I just finished work at Wild Purls and was wishing for an "automatic car starter"! It was way to cold to get into your freezing car at 8:30 at nite. Too cold to tip-toe out to the hot tub, that's for sure!

Our store is so nice, warm and cozy, especially when the fireplace is revved up. 
Our customers love our store! In fact, travelers who shop with us always comment on how great Wild Purls is and many of them make sure to tell us we are in their top 5 knitting stores.
This evening, while our classes were happening, a non-knitter named Anne came in and was so inspired, she signed up for beginning knitting, bought some needles, a book and some fabulous Lumpy Bumpy! She also said knitting was on her list of things to do before she died. I'm glad she wasn't 90! Now Anne will have plenty of time to fall in love and become a yarn addict.

Here is a great little headwarmer I made for Alice the week before Christmas. It is an entrelac pattern, from, titled "Quant". I chose the yarn, Lorna's Laces/Lion & Lamb, a wool and silk blend. She'll make a cute snowbunny while snowboarding up at Red Lodge.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Shopping Therapy

I wanted to share about my past "job", which really was not a job but a joy (most of the time!) For five years, I "played" at an incredible boutique called "Aileens". It was full of fantastic clothes . . . . The only reason I'm not there is . . . . . nooo, I didn't get fired! . . . . . the owners, my good friends, Jan and Jolynn, decided a they didn't want to do it anymore! Damn them! I hate it when people make life changing decisions that affect me! Kidding!!!! It's been a great thing for them and me. We are doing things we've been wishing for.
 Aileens was both shopping therapy and instant gratification; enabling every able bodied woman who walked in the store.

Gosh, I loved it.

Now I miss it.

But not Jan and JoLynn.

Now we get to have hang whenever we want, say whatever we want and drink whatever we want (coffee, wine, beer, martini - you know, just the healthy stuff!)

Here's to you!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fingerless Mitts

Since I've only knit one pair of mittens, designing one from scratch was a  challenge. My hands are quite small , so finding a pattern to fit was frustrating. Most adult patterns seem to be too large in diameter and length; children's patterns are okay around, but a tad short. Also I wanted a snug ribbing  and had to figure out intarsia in the round. I ended up using this ribbing: Round 1: K3 P3, Round 2: K1 P1. The intarsia dilemma? Once I started the intarsia pattern, I started working in the stockingette stitch, actually knitting and PURLING. I would turn my work at the back (palm), and begin working back, purling and remembering to work pattern backwards too. Not to mention working the thumb gusset, while working back and  forth until the intarsia work was finished, then rejoining to work in the round again. It was tricky, and I needed to sew up the hole in the back. I was happy with end result, and apparently so was Maddie.

Energizer Bunnies

I've been talking alot to Mom - she's doing quite well! Her doctor said she was healing fine! Surgery was on Thursday, the 17th, she was released the next day, Friday. In typical Dad fashion, Dad pretty much shoved her out the door (not really, I'm sure he got her settled in) but then promptly went to work. Actually, she says  she doing very well - cooked dinner last nite . . . tired afterwards, but feeling well. Despite all this, she and Dad are still planning their annual winter trip to Kaui, so NOTHING slows my folks down! They just keep going!  

KNITWISE: I've been working hard on my Danica Entrelac scarf. Although I know how to do this technique, I still took a class from Irene. My job here at Wild Purls is relatively new, and classes are a fantastic way to meet the regulars and expand my horizons. The finishing class is on Saturday, so I want to be ready. Sadly, I"ve been putting off other projects - Jim's sweater, some mitts for Alice, Stephen's messenger bag, my baby bottle bolster pillow! But I know I'll get to them.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

January 19, 2008

I'm here because I'm not traveling. My mother was diagnosed with recurring breast cancer and had a radical mastectomy Thursday. My plan was to drive home (about 4 - 5 hours on a regular day) to help her out for a few days. Weather changed my plans. A severe storm watch is in place til tomorrow morning, so roads will be un-travelable. Since I had no schedule, I decided to experiment with this technology. This may mainly be a knitter's blog, but my thought processes tend to meander, so there may be more to this than originally planned.

Friday, January 18, 2008

The First

Today is the first of many I hope. We'll see how it goes.