Friday, March 28, 2008

Ocean Sunset Fisherman Rib Scarf

I just finished this for Wild Purls as a store sample. This was only inspired by Brooklyn Tweed's Noro scarf. I used the fisherman rib instead of the basic K1,P1 rib, and because of that, I changed colors every 4 rows instead of 2. I also used 3 colors because I wasn’t getting the color variation you get from Noro. This is 20 stitches wide, close to 60 in long (I stopped about an inch short) Generally, if this was for me, it would be another foot long. I like a good wrap - but it was for the store - and I already was using 4 balls of yarn. If it was longer more yarn would have been required

Rib Pattern: *K1, K1B* repeat to last 2 stitches, K2

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Seattle Adventure

On Wednesday, March 19th, I took off for Seattle to visit my daughter Maddie. She's going to school there and having a blast! I thought I would post my trip diary to help me remember what I did. I'm expecting to forget cuz I'm gettin' old, you know!
Wed, March 19: Caught an early plane ride and arrived around 8:00 am - just in time for breakfast at CJ's and then stocked up Maddie's apartment with food and goodies. We hit the grocery store first, then Costco, and finally Target. Maddie was pretty thankful and said so many times! Pretty sure we followed that up with Starbucks. We also hit up the little store on 1st that's going out of business to claim Maddie's points. My mind is blank (what did I tell you!) what we did for dinner - but we rushed home to get ready for our KD Lang concert - which was right, and I mean, right across the street at the Moore Theatre.
Oh my gosh, KD Lang sounds exactly how she sounds on her recordings! You know how studio recordings enhance the voice, well, KD needs no enhancing. Her voice is perfect, pure. Her song selections were on target, a great mix between her new album, old albums and her country twang. Maddie was enthralled by the sound of her voice.
Thursday, March 20: Our day to ourselves! First, we hit Starbucks (of course!) then over to the Art Institute for Portfolio Review. We looked at all the departments - Graphic design, animation, interior design, industrial design, even culinary. Most were quite impressive. We then headed over to Pike Street market for lunch - We ate at Beecher's, home of the "World's Best Mac & Cheese". It was as they said! Soooo yummy - the perfect comfort food! I think it was this afternoon we also went to the Seattle Art Museum and took in some modern art and a large show on Roman art from the Louvre, then rushed over to "Ride the Duck". This is an amphibious vehicle that gives tours to "tourists" around the Seattle downtown area and up to Fremont and into the harbor. It was a funny tour with a funny guide who, as it turns out, is from my home town, SIDNEY MT! It was freaky! Can't wait to tell my dad. After the tour, Maddie and I got back to her apartment so we could go have a great dinner at Serious Pie, a pizza place close to Maddie's place. It was great fun, cuz we met up with my good friend Jan's daughter, Katie and she had dinner with us. Lot's of great gourmet pizza. We ended up at home, doing lots of Political Science and Philosophy homework cuz finals for Maddie were on Friday. I'll bet we stayed up till about 1:30 am.
Friday, March 21 Unfortunately, Maddie had finals all day, so I was on my own. I didn't mind thought since I had a few stores to visit. My main shopping mission was jeans. Since Aileens had closed and that's where I bought my David Kahn Jeans, so I needed to replace mine. Katie recommended a store called Karen Danneberg. I had so much fun shopping there. It ended up that my sales girl, Sasha, turned out to know Katie! Small world. I ended up with a black pair of Christopher Blue jeans - can't wait to wear them. After that, I walked over to So Much Yarn. I found some beautiful yarns by Laines du Nord and Pagewood (sock yarn) I loved these together, but not sure what plans I will find for them. Maddie got out early and we drove to Alkai beach and enjoyed the water, then rushed home to join her friends at Umi Sushi Bar. I tried it folks. More on that later. Cheesecake at Cheescake factory. Atonement

Saturday, March 22: We met Lisa and Emily at Starbucks for coffee at 10:00 am and started our shopping spree. We hit Nordstrums and Anthropology. We all got some great finds - shoes and clothes. What fun, then lunch at a local brewery and Lisa and I tried a beer sampling Dookless was the best. Spa in REdmond, home for a late dinner - clam chowder - easter morning, baskets, church, dinner,Sound of Music, home, flyhome.