Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Pillow

I love this pillow! I chose to do this from a advertisement in the latest VogueKnitting for Nicky Epstein's new book Knitting in Tuscany. However, I didn't have the book  - It was only released last week and I needed the pillow for my niece,  Britta's wedding June 5 - so I had to start it a few weeks ago. I'm so pleased with the outcome. The original was felted and I'm thinking I like it much better my way (hmmm . . a big surprise!)

Because it was based on a very small photo, I had to imagine what size it really was, along with materials. After seeing the original, mine is much smaller  - 14" square vs 20" square. I used a DK weight yarn, Dale of Norway Heilo vs a Louet worsted and a size 3 needle vs 11's. Of course, as mentioned above, Nicky's is felted and mine is not.
I'm really gonna miss this little beauty!