Thursday, May 1, 2008

You scrubby little urchins!

This has got to be the QUICKEST knit EVER! This beret is made up of 7 panels of short rows - it took me 15 minutes to knit up one of the panels, so that means a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes to knit this. there are so many bulky yarns to use for this, every one will look totally different! The pattern is from Knitty, called urchin (due to it's odd sea-urchin shape), This is going to be a class at Wild Purls this summer.

Knitted out Farmhouse Lumpy Bumpy, I still had plenty of yarn left.

This was knit out of Noro Iro. My thought is it's the most flattering;
 so soft and fuzzy, a lot better drape 
 (especially on my model, Karen!)

Knit from Plymouth Lana D Oro, this was certainly the easiest. It was the first , because I wanted to be able to get the feel for the pattern and didn't want any "yarn" distractions. It was a good plan, laying the groundwork and confidence to race in the others, knowing they would be both quick and beautiful.