Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Real Shawl, Not a Prissy One

I"m knitting a shawl. A real shawl. Not the foo-foo kind that really has no practical use at all. I mean, really, what is the use of a lace shawl, except to wrap it around my shoulders sitting in a rocking chair while I"m wearing a white high-neck blouse with puffy sleeves and a skirt that covers my feet. And then I guess I'd be knitting ANOTHER shawl. Hmmm. That is a vicious circle I'm just not willing to enter. This will NOT be a prissy shawl, the one that people will comment, "What a beautiful lace shawl", and and really be thinking " What an idiotic excuse for a shawl, She'll freeze in that. . . stupid girl."
So I'm making a different shawl, knit out of a Rowan yarn, a really nice merino tweedy wool. Chocolate and a deep lavender. This will be a shawl that will keep me cozy and keep out the cold. This a shawl that will be useful and beautiful. This will be a shawl that will inspire others to, well, wear one, I guess.