Friday, February 18, 2011

Hat and Neck Scrunchy

MaddieBrioche, originally uploaded by bindakay.

This project was inspired by my daughter, Maddie - She learned to knit over the holidays, and knit a hat as her first project. Not to be saddled with the mundane, she moved on to another project that caught her eye, not realizing that neither she or her mother (her knitting teacher) knew how to make it. She was determined, and so in turn, I had to be. If she was interested, I wanted to make sure she stayed interested. I didn't want to lose this moment with her.

So she and I started knitting this brioche stitch project - a separate one for each of us. There were a lot of stumbling blocks and a lot of ripping out - for both of us. The Brioche stitch is challenging - starting with the "preparation row", and keeping your concentration focused throughout. Keeping this project two colors encouraged the right stitches on the right rows.

This is my cowl on her, and hers is just about finished.