Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bulky Gathered Hat

This was knit in 3 hours! Wild Purls just got this new bulky Noro yarn in the shop called Bonbori. Of course, customers are always wanting to know how yarns knit up so I made this up as a shop sample. Noro Bonbori is a bulky yarn - beautiful colors, not as soft as the silk garden yarns but then again, there is no silk in it. It knit up great, no splitting, and it got softer after I blocked it.

I modified my Perfectly Easie Beanie pattern and did some increases in the first Stockinette row, knit a few inches higher than a normal beanie, and then started my decreases. The extra height will make room for the gathered area in the back. With the leftover yarn, I made an I-cord (about 16 - 18” long) and fed it through 4 folds in the back of the top of the hat (if that makes any sense!) I did do a bit of blocking. I shaped and pinned it first, stretching it out at the top of the head to give more slouchy-ness so the gathered folds would have more to work with. I kind of like it!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cocoon of Cozy

My daughter, Alice, has an obsession for "cozy". Since she was small, she loved being wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket. To this day, she'll tell you how much she misses her yellow blankie with the satin edging. She was three when it was left at a daycare or in a hotel room. We don't know what happened to her blankie, but we know she misses it. I suppose to make up for it, she now has a collection of cozy. Quilts, comforters, fleece, flannel. Sometimes she wears her sweatshirts to bed. When her dad wakes her up in the mornings, he has to search for her under her cocoon of blankets. I knew it wouldn't be long before she begged for a new blankie to take to college in Minneapolis (after all, it's cold there!). She started earlier this year, asking me every time she saw me knitting something new - "Is that my blanket?' "No", I'd have to say, "this is for a class, or the shop." Well, finally, she helped pick out the yarn - it had to be washable and dryable - (another obsession - laundry, can you believe it?), so she chose a chunky acrylic, a James Brett Chunky Marble. I love the Lizard Ridge Quilt pattern, so I started knitting last month. Between work, classes, working out and kids, I snuck in this blanket, and I just finished it tonite! What do you think?

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wild Purls SeaWorld

This month I designed our Wild Purls window around a special collection on loan from one of our favorite knitters, Shirley Greene, or Mrs. Greene, science teacher, as my son knows her. She is a pretty special knitter, who combines her passion for teaching with a love of knitting. She was inspired to create an odd assortment of phantasmagorical under-the-sea creatures. Hopefully you'll be able to fantasize that these knitted objects are actually swimming oh-so-gracefully through the waters of Atlantis (or somewhere like that)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wedding Pillow

I love this pillow! I chose to do this from a advertisement in the latest VogueKnitting for Nicky Epstein's new book Knitting in Tuscany. However, I didn't have the book  - It was only released last week and I needed the pillow for my niece,  Britta's wedding June 5 - so I had to start it a few weeks ago. I'm so pleased with the outcome. The original was felted and I'm thinking I like it much better my way (hmmm . . a big surprise!)

Because it was based on a very small photo, I had to imagine what size it really was, along with materials. After seeing the original, mine is much smaller  - 14" square vs 20" square. I used a DK weight yarn, Dale of Norway Heilo vs a Louet worsted and a size 3 needle vs 11's. Of course, as mentioned above, Nicky's is felted and mine is not.
I'm really gonna miss this little beauty!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Kept My Promise

I promised "the man" I'd finish his 2007 Christmas sweater by Christmas 2008 and I did it!
Yes, this took me about 18 months to finish, but it was well worth the wait. There were many gauge issues that I learned and hopefully will take with me on the next sweater project. Of course stiches per inch are alway very important, but row gauge can be equally as important, especially for shaping sleeves for a man whose arms are incredibly long.

I want to give a special shout-out to my friend, Joan, the Elizabeth Zimmerman of Billings, MT. If it weren't for her, my sweater would not have been sewn together and Jasper's Noro sweater would still be in the ball bands. Her finishing techniques are best you'll ever see and we are damn lucky to have her.

I'm extremely happy that my recipient loves this sweater and isn't lying about it. He was sick recently and the first thing he did when he came home to recoup was to put his sweater on. As the knitter -of-the-sweater, I was pretty pleased. Hugging him with this sweater on is like wrapping yourself up in the coziest blanket on a very cold day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Head Cover

I've recently been knitting out of a fabulous new book, Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin. So far I've knitted 4 patterns from this book and have loved each one. They all have a vintage look. I'll talk about the Side Slip Cloiche first. My choice for yarn? Ella Rae Shibu in shell pink and I pared this with a single strand of Kid Seta mohair in white. I love this combination - extremely soft, and still texturized. Worked on a size 6 needle, the stitch is not too compact, but still looks firm. The mix of these really gives an aged look to this hat. I suppose it looks similar to the cover photo, but since I haven't seen that in person, I'm going to go out on a limb and say, . . . it's similar, but different.