Thursday, February 7, 2008

Finished Danica

I've been wanting to knit a scarf for me - most of us seem to knit for others - but choosing the yarn . . . the pattern . . . . .  It's worse than shopping for jeans sometimes. I've been hoarding some black Mountain Colors Twizzle for about a year, and have been fantasizing about the Danica pattern on knitty for some time now. Twizzle is a blend of wool and silk and has a lovely soft texture and drape. When Maddie was home for the holidays, she helped me choose a complimentary Twizzle.  So it came together. I love the simple symmetry of the entrelac technique - it lends itself to so many color possiblities.I finished it Saturday nite so I could bring it with me to Bozeman while I chaperoned Alice's orchestra to an orchestra festival.

Alice really lucked out - she stayed with a host family there - a fabulous family, a great home. The mom, Barb Cribb, as it turns out, has a successful home-based craft business, Wild Thymes Pattern Co. She focuses on wool felt kits for home decorating. She dyes her own wool fabrics and creates custom wall hangings, table linens, purse and
more. It is really quite impressive. She has an online presence, and travels to retail and wholesale events.
Barb also took the time to show off downtown Bozeman and took me to the LYS there. Bozeman has 2; The Yarn Shop and Stix. Both great stores and it was interesting to see what we had and they didn't, and visa versa. Here is some pics of some yarn I plucked while I twirled in their shops. Some Crystal Palace, Noro Cotton Hill, some fun mohair, Borreco. Somehow I ended up with lots of purples and greens. Guess I'll have to be on the look out for the patten or inspirations.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I guess I've been busy! I'm a cheer mom and we cheer mom's know how to stay busy! For the last 3 or 4 weeks  - I've lost track - we've been decorating a whopping 500 bottles of Orange Crush! It's a Valentine's Day fundraiser for the Cheerleaders - you know - A "crush" for your "crush"!
I'm also leaving today for Bozeman for a AA Orchestra Festival for a couple of days - I'm the chaperone  - scarrrry!

Knitwise: I've finished my entrelac scarf and will post pics later. I'm bringing 3 projects with me to Bozo - I'm starting work on a sample for the store   -  a felted stuffed Mommy Chicken and some little chicks; the Target Wave Mittens (Interweave Summer 06), Baby Bottle Bolster Pillow (KnitScene). During my private lessons with Glenda the Good Witch, we are going to start on my fingerless mitts. So Everyone have a Happy superbowl sunday.