Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I hate laundry!

Do you ever have those days when it's finally bedtime and wonder what you did all day? Yeah, today was one of those days. So what's to talk about? Well, I did do some laundry. I hate laundry as a whole. Absolutely hate it. When I was first married, I used do the laundry , but never put it away. What  a mess -  digging to the bottom of the "Leaning tower of Pisa".  I've sort of conquered that hill. Now, I at least fold it out of the dryer, and really try to put away. But you know as well as I do, sometimes you gotta run out before the job is finished. I hate laundry. Towels I don't mind . . . as much . . . Why? Cuz towels fold up quick and always go to just one room - the bathroom. You don't have to separate them into each person's pile and deliver to separate rooms. I absolutely get overwhelmed at the possibility of having to do whites. You all know why. I will choose not to do whites until people are begging for their tidy whities. White are the dinky stuff: socks, underwear, washcloths, a few shirts. AAAcccchhhh! One kids white stinky things will not fill up a wash tub, so you are forced by the voice of your mother or grandmother, "Don't waste water, dear!", to mix everyone's undies and other unmentionables to make up a reasonable -sized load. The upside? Whites don't take long to dry. Then the downside hill slide:  you have to put it ALL away. That means a pile for every person in the house (in my case - four), plus a pile for the kitchen and the bathroom, praying you don't get distracted by the doorbell between rooms with an armfull of underwear when you answer the door.


Rachel said...

Me too! Finally someone who feels the same way- everyone else hates dishes more.
Want to know my secret? I make the boys do it. :-) They don't know it's because I hate it-- they just think it's just another chore.
I wash it and dry it and then they have to fold it and put it away before playing video games after school.
Think that's too mean? he he he...

Oh, and I love the baby hats. I crocheted some for Naomi before she was born and they were so fast- I really enjoyed that. Yours are very cute- I love pompoms.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! I totally hate laundry. I do it everyday in my house. what gets me is the teenager who doesn't put hers away and I get to rewash it