Friday, April 18, 2008

But will the Bride like it?

The scallops are perfect. The sewing is finished. The pictures are taken. But will the Bride like it?
Hopefully, she’ll appreciate the work involved. The scallops took alot of practicing and in the process I found out from TanisKnits that there were some errors in the scallop portion of the pattern.
The bag itself was very easy, the scallops were a new technique for me - challenging, but fun! I had to order the hardware from the source listed in Vogue Knitting, and added the lining, which I think is very important to add structure to the project.


piggie1230 said...

if you don't mind me asking, what were the errors? I'm seriously considering knitting several of these up for my bridesmaids.

Linda said...

Dear Miss Piggie, (hope you don't mind)
The errors were only in the middle of the scallop pattern that say K1, well it should say K2. It makes a big difference. Definitely practice on inexpensive yarn until you get comfortable doing the scallops and you like it. This yarn is not happy getting ripped out al lot.
this would be a perfect Bridesmaid gift. It really doesn't take long to do. Good Luck!

Ann said...

Gorgeous! What a wonderful gift. I hope she likes it!