Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jasper's band, Kolor Blind (he's the drummer) 6/4/2008, Lewis & Clark Talent Show

I never thought I'd be a mother of a rock'n'roller!


Cindy said...


JT Dell sent me your website with Jasper's performance (I'm JT's Mom...We have met at a couple performances). He is really doing well on the drum set! I remember JT when he was having fun in different bands. It's really rewarding to see how well his students perform! Tell Jasper that Tom and I really enjoyed watching him play!

Cindy Dell

PS...You may remember I am also a knitter. I recognize the pillows you made...I have the same book!

Take care.

Linda said...

I'm pretty amazed that that is my boy - and I'm sure you feel the same way about yours! Remember the days when you were wondering "What is this kid going to do with his life?" and now you can sit back and be super proud! Good Job, Cindy!