Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I call this a Sandwich Day

Yesterday, I kind of had a melt down. Not sure why. I'm thinking it was one of those days when lots of little things piled up to form one crap-filled sandwich. Of course, it started out early, and my own fault, too. As usual, I think I keep track of my appointments, but I don't really. Thought the first one was at 9:30 so I could ride my bike, but, no, it was at 9 (I realized at 8:45) No time for the bike and . . I still had to do my hair. Late for the first one by 5 min. My next appointment was for a cut and color at 11:00 (or so I thought), got a reminder call during the first meeting at 10:10. Apparently missed my 10 o'clock. Got there in time to get cut, so I'm flashing lots of grey today. The next few errands I can't discuss openly yet because they have to do with my husband's 25th anniversary gift, but suffice it to say - bad customer service - not pleasant when you are planning to drop $$$$. Errands with my children followed in a hot car on a hot day, and you know you only scream at the ones you love. . . and of course, after wasting a couple of gallons of gas, the stuff I needed to buy is no longer available to buy . . . Finally got to ride my bike to work. I'm loving my bike rides - especially needed on this "sandwich" day. I was forced to breathe and think only about the heat and the breeze and my legs pedaling up hills. 
While I was working, my daughter called to say SHE was making homemade mac & cheese plus peanut butter cookies. Oooooh, goody!  Cuz I was hearing some loud  and noisy hunger pangs on the way home. I rolled into the garage, sweating and  practically ran to the kitchen, but NO sign of any food. . . . Apparently, in Alice's opinion, both turned out horrible, so. . . . she . . . threw . . them . . . away. . . . . What did she say?
 I made a fried egg sandwich.

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Anonymous said...

Those are the days that make us appreciate the good ones!