Friday, January 25, 2008

Shopping Therapy

I wanted to share about my past "job", which really was not a job but a joy (most of the time!) For five years, I "played" at an incredible boutique called "Aileens". It was full of fantastic clothes . . . . The only reason I'm not there is . . . . . nooo, I didn't get fired! . . . . . the owners, my good friends, Jan and Jolynn, decided a they didn't want to do it anymore! Damn them! I hate it when people make life changing decisions that affect me! Kidding!!!! It's been a great thing for them and me. We are doing things we've been wishing for.
 Aileens was both shopping therapy and instant gratification; enabling every able bodied woman who walked in the store.

Gosh, I loved it.

Now I miss it.

But not Jan and JoLynn.

Now we get to have hang whenever we want, say whatever we want and drink whatever we want (coffee, wine, beer, martini - you know, just the healthy stuff!)

Here's to you!


Anonymous said...

Your blog is great fun, Linda. Keep up the fun writing and keep knittin'.
Suzanne (another Wild Purls wild woman)

JoJo said...

Oh, if only we had time in life to do it all. I am glad we got to play together for those years and hope that our extra-store activites will continue in new directs for years to come! Love ya Linda!

jano said...

cute girls!!!!