Wednesday, February 27, 2008

3 projects finished! Almost at once!

      It's amazing! I've finished 3 projects almost simultaneously (plus I just took some bread out of the oven) I don't have all the pics yet but that will happen soon. I finished the baby bottle for traca - I think it looks better than the first one, and I finished "Henrietta" the chicken. Kudos to Julia for actually felting them for me - her washing machine is a top-loader; I have a front-loader and it doesn't work as well. Henrietta is at work, so photos will be arriving shortly. She's cute . . . . sort of. We'll see if she generates any buzz.
 I whipped out a quick scarf, based on the Brooklyntweed, using a N.Y. Yarn, Gypsy. Lot's of fringe. I think I'll send it to Maddie, thinking it would go with the A & F Cargo coat I sent her recently (It was a steal - $228 coat for only $40!!!!!)

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Rachel said...

Hey Linda-
I took my mom and little sisters to your store last Friday. Very nice place. I enjoyed looking at everything. I loved the looks of the socks, so I might have to get into that. My poor mother was going to get some yarn- until I asked her what she was going to do with it. Shame on me for making her have a reason! Anyway, I enjoyed it and will be back. :-)