Monday, February 18, 2008

Target Wave Mitten

I've been working on a new mitten - It's called the Target Wave Mitten, by Norah Gaughn. I found it in the Interweave knits, Fall 06, but it's been published in a book "Knitting Nature" . It appealed to me since it was a small project - I can get done it quickly  -  If by chance there are some techie problems, it wouldn't be much to rip out and fix.  And yes . . .there were some fit issues. I followed the original pattern, calling for a #6 needle for the body and #8 for the the thumb target. It is a kid's mitten, and I made it in the youth large size, but still had problems with the "thumb target" area. It looked too "balloony". So I went back down to the #6 for the thumb area. That helped, but it still poofed too much. I thought about it a bit, and adjusted the decreasing so it got smaller faster, and ended up making the thumb a  bit shorter. It actually matches the original photo from the IK mag, which fits maybe, I don't know, a 6 0r 7 year old.

A side note: If you've knit from this Book, Knitting Nature, here is a link for a knit-along blog.

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