Sunday, April 6, 2008

New WIP'S!

Look at all the projects I've started! The new messenger bag is me getting 2 things done with one stone! I'm teaching the class on messenger bags and the finished product will be for Stephen's graduation. Then there is Nikki Epstein's ruffled bag from the newest Vogue Knitting mag. It's going to be for my nephew's bride-to-be. Check out the yarn - It's beaded silk! It's gorgeous. Ummm, then there is "Penelope's Pillow" from the book, Knitter's Stash. It's knit out of 2 colors of Noro Silk Garden on 2 needle sizes. And I'm about half way done with my first pair of socks and still working away on Jim's sweater. At this moment, I'm probably the most excited about the ruffled bag and Penny's Pillow. Penny's Pillow is really going to be a Wild Purls sample.


Susan said...

Love that purse! I made nine, yes nine of them, for my daughter's wedding. Everyone loved them, except me. Mine were from the book & the ruffles look a little different. Very nice.

Linda said...

You're kidding! The pattern just came out in march! i know it knits up fast. Any advice on the ruffles?