Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cocoon of Cozy

My daughter, Alice, has an obsession for "cozy". Since she was small, she loved being wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket. To this day, she'll tell you how much she misses her yellow blankie with the satin edging. She was three when it was left at a daycare or in a hotel room. We don't know what happened to her blankie, but we know she misses it. I suppose to make up for it, she now has a collection of cozy. Quilts, comforters, fleece, flannel. Sometimes she wears her sweatshirts to bed. When her dad wakes her up in the mornings, he has to search for her under her cocoon of blankets. I knew it wouldn't be long before she begged for a new blankie to take to college in Minneapolis (after all, it's cold there!). She started earlier this year, asking me every time she saw me knitting something new - "Is that my blanket?' "No", I'd have to say, "this is for a class, or the shop." Well, finally, she helped pick out the yarn - it had to be washable and dryable - (another obsession - laundry, can you believe it?), so she chose a chunky acrylic, a James Brett Chunky Marble. I love the Lizard Ridge Quilt pattern, so I started knitting last month. Between work, classes, working out and kids, I snuck in this blanket, and I just finished it tonite! What do you think?

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